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Don't dig this, dig into this. An alternate route; The ghetto shaman's path. For 20 minutes or so Adofo and Lex Boogie from the Bronx have access to your third ear. Hip hop's depth of sound and insight intact. Inspired by the universal web of underlying truths the creative juices flow freely into a prenominal synergy.
We invite you to sit down with the ethers long enough to hear the hummingbird's wings against the cityscape; ADOFO.

NY 2012,13

I just awoke from one of the most interesting dreams I've ever had. Obviously influenced by my visit to NY and the extreme absorption of frantic high paced competitive aggressive energy. This is a very different than my usual southern , slow, careful, aloof state of being. As a result of a 7 day dip in the pool of all things city; I dream the APOCALYPSE...vivid. Dream; In my mothers house I hear a rumbling. I look out of the window and the statue of liberty with Abrahams Lincolns face is buried shoulder high in the earth, with arm raised, and plowing its way through the city destroying everything in its path. Sort of like a lawn mowers zagging formation. Its clearly headed toward the house and there is no warning siren or news bulletins to prepare us. It just happens. We ( the family) run from the plowing statue and its path of carnage and immediately are plunged into a world of ruin and chaos. The authorities are hostile instead of helpful and the reality of life becomes very clear. Trust is at an all time low. Squads of people form and the city is in such ruin no one knows exactly where to go. Imagine what lessons would lie in such a world wondrously harsh.


released November 21, 2013

All songs produced by Adofo and Lex Boogie From the Bronx



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Lex Boogie From The Bronx Atlanta, Georgia

When hearing the phrase, “This ain’t New York this the Bronx,” you may think of Kenny “Double k” Kirkland in the 1984 production of “Beat Street,” but music heads will all think of the productions and hits that continually come from Bronx-born Lex Boogie’s studio, Lexington Station. a sound that will be able to put smiles on his idols faces as well as the faces of younger generation. ... more

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